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Home Baker and Cake Artist

For me, baking is about expression and connection. It's my form of self-expression, shown through delicious flavour combinations and thoughtful decoration. It's an expression of a person's interests, passions and preferences. Connections are created from the time a potential customer makes an enquiry, through the mixing of ingredients, to the moment my kitchen starts to smell of baked sugar and butter and warmth. The final connection happens when my customer unveils the creation to their friend or family member. These expressions, moments and connections combine to bring me joy every day, joy that I hope is returned to my amazing clients at their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other get togethers. My goal is to bake unique creations that add to the memories created at your special events. Even if that special event is a Tuesday night at home, with a hand-made, salted-caramel macaron. If it brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart, we've made a connection.

Joy is baked into each one of my creations.

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